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Nurse Clinics 

Broad Lane Vet Clinic Photo

Broad Lane Vet Clinic Photo

Broad Lane Vet Clinic Photo

Broad Lane Vet Clinic Photo

Broad Lane Vet Clinic Photo

Broad Lane Vet Clinic Photo

Broad Lane Vet Clinic Photo

For routine health advice, our qualified Veterinary Nurses can help. They are fully-trained, highly-skilled members of the team. You can make an appointment with a nurse if your pet is in good health, has been examined by one of our vets within the last 12 months, and you require:

  • Weight control advice
  • Worming / Flea advice
  • Nail-trimming
  • Post-operative check
  • Suture removal
  • Help administering medication
  • Dressing changes
  • Micro-chipping
  • Dental hygiene advice
  • Pet pre-purchase advice

Many of our nurse appointments are free, or at a much-reduced price compared with a full consultation with a vet.Registered Veterinary Nurse

Thinking of getting a pet? We offer free of charge ‘before I have my pet’ appointments with our registered qualified nurses, to answer any questions or queries you may have before collecting your new companion.


Our qualified nurses can advise on all aspects of nutrition, feeding and weight control.

We stock a range of diets designed to aid your pet at different stages of its life. There are also specific diets which can treat certain diseases your pet may develop.

Broad Lane VetsOverweight pets will benefit from our free weight-watchers clinic.  Book an appointment with one of our nurses at Broad Lane. They have a great success rate and offer on-going support and encouragement. They all understand how appealing big brown eyes can be and how skilfully our pets can manipulate us!Weight Watchers For Pets


Dental disease is very common in our pets. Our nurses offer free consultations to advise you on all aspects of dental hygiene.Broad Lane Vets Image

Broad Lane VetsIf your pet’s teeth are beyond the help of tooth brushing, then we are fully equipped with an ultrasonic scaler and dental machine. We are able to offer scale and polish procedures and can also undertake more advanced dentistry, including tooth extractions, as required.

Rabbits are particularly prone to teeth problems, and our dental machine enables fast, effective burring, thereby reducing anaesthetic time and risk.


Broad Lane Vets ImageThis is a permanent form of pet identification, simply administered at the practice by injection, with a vet or nurse.

A microchip the size of a grain of rice is implanted under the skin, no matter what the species. After your pet has been chipped you register them, for life, with a central database. If the unthinkable happens, and your pet goes missing, the international network of scanners held by Dog Wardens, Veterinary Practices and Animal Welfare Organisations (RSPCA and Dogs' Trust etc.) will identify your pet by their chip number and reunite you. Micro-chipping is part of the PETS passport requirements for travelling abroad with your pet.


Worming & Flea ControlThe practice offers a variety of safe, effective products to meet your needs in protecting your pet and family against parasites. Our nurses offer free appointments to advise you on these products, and can administer them if you wish.

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